Pretzels, Pilsner, and Pins

How one town uses custom pins to help celebrate a time old tradition and bring a community together.

Pretzels, Pilsner, and Pins

The town of Helen prides itself on its eight week Oktoberfest celebration. During the months of September, October, and November, you may mistake this town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia for a village at the base of the Alps in Germany. The town's German influence is present year round through the Bavarian architecture in Helen Square. However, when that special time of year arrives, the streets of Helen are alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of one of the longest running Oktoberfest celebrations this side of the Rhine.


One of the ways the town of Helen commemorates this event is with enamel pins. The pins used for this event reflect the fun, the celebration, and the history of Oktoberfest. From portraits of King Ludwig, to images of Helen Square itself, to a drawing of Bigfoot in Lederhosen; the variety of pins you can see during the event is as endless as the beer and sauerkraut.

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Pin Depot has been proudly working with the city of Helen, Georgia to create Oktoberfest pins for over ten years. Each year, our artists are always excited to see what new designs are in store for the City of Helen, and can't wait to create new and unique concepts to help celebrate this historic event.

Want to Make Your Own?

Along with Oktoberfest, enamel pins are an excellent way to commemorate any holiday and special event. Call us today or visit our website, so we can help you create something that will make your event truly special.

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