Creating Awesome Autumn Pins

Whether you are traversing a corn maze, going trick or treating, or rounding the last stretch of a holiday 5k, be sure to enjoy the crisp fall weather.


The sight of falling leaves. The taste of apple cider. The smell of pumpkin-scented candles. They all point to that most scenic time of year, Fall! During the fall season, there is so much to see, do, and celebrate, and custom lapel pins can be a great way to add to the festivity!

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A great way to advertise fall events such as corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and apple picking is by creating a custom pin specifically designed just for your activity. With up to seven included colors at no additional cost, pins can be used to capture all the reds, yellows, and oranges in your fall-themed design. If you want to brighten up your design's color palette, we recommend adding glitter to some areas to add sparkle to those leaves or that pumpkin. Copper plating is also a great selection for fall-themed pins! High polished copper does a great job of complementing and emphasizing red and yellow enamel in order to capture that autumn aesthetic!


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The highlight of fall for many people is the last (and spookiest) day of October, Halloween! Many of our more illustration-focused customers go all out with specialty Halloween pins. Their designs vary from cute ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to terrifying renditions of horror movie icons, to original characters in their own Halloween costumes. Because of the uniqueness of these designs, you may want to add something a little extra to help your pin "jump out" at people.  Glow in the dark enamel is a fun way to make your spooky designs come alive at night! You can make your entire pin glow in the dark, or just specific areas, like a monster's eyes or a full moon! You can also emphasize the dark features of your Halloween design by using black-colored metal. Often, black metal is an excellent way to add intensity to your pin by darkening the raised metal lines, contrasting nicely with any bright enamel colors on your design. If you want your pin to look "frighteningly" realistic, consider adding a 3D mold to your pin as well! 

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Near the end of the fall season is a time where many celebrate family, thankfulness, and community.  During Thanksgiving, many individuals and organizations reach out and begin food drives, fundraisers, and other efforts in order to help people in need. During these functions, custom lapel pins can be used to identify the volunteers involved, as well as memorabilia for the event itself. One fun way that communities come together during thanksgiving is 5k runs called "Turkey Trots." These runs raise funds for local food banks and shelters, with the added benefit of giving the runners an opportunity to burn off the extra calories from their Thanksgiving dinner. These runs often award custom medals to participants who finish the race. Custom lapel pins can also be given to show appreciation to the event's volunteers and donors. stuff, and reach your goals. stuff, and reach your goals.


Whether you are traversing a corn maze, going trick or treating, or rounding the last stretch of a thanksgiving 5k, be sure to enjoy the crisp fall weather. Also, don't forget to wear your fall-themed custom lapel pins while you do!


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