Collectible Music Festival Pins

Here at Pin Depot, we recognize the creativity behind festival pins and strive to provide you with high-quality custom designs without any hassle. Our team of experienced designers and pin makers are here to assist you in creating the perfect pins for your festival.


Find Your Community with Collectible Music Festival Pins

Music festivals have a rich history, with the first recorded festival dating back to Ancient Greece, where they celebrated the god Dionysus. Over time, festivals have become a popular way for people to unite in revelry, enjoying music, art, and culture.

In modern times, music festivals are held all over the globe, captivating millions of attendees. With their growing popularity, the demand for custom festival pins has also risen. Festival pins serve as a fantastic means for companies and organizations to promote their brand and show support for the event, or even represent their own festival.


Here at Pin Depot, we recognize the creativity behind festival pins and strive to provide you with high-quality custom designs without any hassle. Our team of experienced designers and pin makers are here to assist you in creating the perfect pins for your brand, regardless of whether you're looking to promote a product, show your support for a festival, or make a statement. We've got you covered!


Electric Forest & Their Elephant Enamel Pin

Electric Forest is an annual music festival beginning in 2011 that takes place in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s an otherworldly and transformative experience for those who attend, with festival goers claiming it to be a magical playground of art, music, and friendship. It is the perfect opportunity for music lovers to create custom festival pins. 


For example, during the 2017 Electric Forest Music Festival, Pin Depot had created this colorful and unique pin in the shape of an elephant to share with festival goers. The intricate colors and design perfectly represent the feel of Electric Forest. 


Simple Branding with Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland is an annual music festival and also North America’s longest running rave, beginning in 1995 in Southern California but moving locations to Glen Helen State Park in Texas in 2012. Nocturnal Wonderland is known to be a colorful and exhilarating experience with things to do and music to see from people of all ages and is welcoming to new festival-goers. 

While lots of festival pins are bright, large, colorful, or have add ons like glitter or glow in the dark, you can also make festival pins to promote your music or brand with a very simple look. Like this Nocturnal Wonderland pin, just a simple rectangular pin with black and yellow lettering displaying their logo. The pin still sticks out while using a straightforward approach to branding. 


Bright & Colorful Pins for Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo is an annual music festival beginning in 2002 and that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee. It’s a vibrant and exciting event, hosting several different genres of music. Bonnaroo is a 4 day music festival known for its big name artists and the large crowds it brings in. The campgrounds host plenty of food trucks and other events such as silent discos.

Bonnaroo's Pin Depot pin is a bright pin with greens, blues, and oranges in the shape of their logo, clearly representing the colorfulness of their festival.


Getting Word out for Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival

The Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This festival began spontaneously in 2015 and is known to have a chill, family-oriented atmosphere. Hillberry hosts bluegrass music artists as well as fall festivities, perfect for the October weather.

In 2018, Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival had customized their own pin with Pin Depot and made a stand-out, square shaped pin with bright enamel colors in blues, oranges, and yellows. On the pin it had their logo as well as dates and location of the festival perfect for promotion. 



Creating custom pins for music festivals is a great way to promote your music or brand and show off your unique style! Pin Depot is the perfect place to get started with your custom pin designs, offering a fantastic opportunity to create colorful and creative festival pins that will be sure to impress. 

Our talented team of graphic artists and designers can bring any pin idea to life, providing a digitally rendered proof to ensure your satisfaction before producing the final product. With unlimited revisions at no additional cost, you can rest assured that your custom pins will be exactly how you want them. 

Best of all, Pin Depot's ordering process is quick and efficient, with a production time of just 7-10 business days. 

Whether you're looking to promote a festival, celebrate a special event, or just want to show off your style, Pin Depot has you covered with their customized lapel pins. Contact Pin Depot to get started on your custom music festival pin design today!

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